December 4, 2023

Our Top PicksFor Boredom Busting Fun Tech Gadgets

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Top Boredom-Busting Gadget Picks

We all know that “doing stuff” makes us happy. We’re meant to move, engage, interact, and be mentally stimulated. Without this, we can easily become bored, anxious, and even depressed.

Lucky for us, there are oodles of creative mind-benders, busy-keepers, and fun-activators readily available to purchase online. And best of all is that they’re mostly quite affordable and easy to ship to where-ever too.

The Shower Curtain Liner

If you’re wondering what exactly makes of a shower curtain liner a boredom-buster, then read on.

The shower curtain liner for electronic devices allows you to store your favourite viewing-and-entertainment gadgets inside a see-through lining attached to your shower curtain. This helpful little gizmo keeps everything nice and dry, helping you to beat the heck out of any old boring session getting squeaky and clean.

The Jellyfish Speaker & Light

Fancy an aquarium capable of creating light as well as playing all your favourite tunes? Then look no further than the LED Jellyfish Fish Tank Stereo Speaker and Night Light.

Home to a life-like jellyfish that appear to move to the beat of any old tune, these are great for relaxing while listening to music and enjoying a show of colourful light.

The Bathroom Putting Game

It’s no secret that most of us are champion mini-golfers deep, deep down where it truly matters. Also, that the only reason we don’t get to shine in the golfing spotlight is a general lack of time to work on our put. Until now, that is. Introducing the Short Game Putting Practice Bathroom Game – perfect for working on that genius mini-swing whilst stuck in the bog.

The R/C Flying Shark

Need we say more? The R/C Remote Control Flying Shark is sure to whip the boredom out of anyone. It’s easy to use and great for staging mid-air battles with a fellow flying-shark owner. And those not all that into old razor-mouth will be happy to know that there’s also an R/C Remote Control Flying Clown Fish. Neat.

The LegoBricks Building Mug

This one’s a must-have.

A dose of early-morning caffeine may help the brain wake up, but have we ever really given thought to what happens right after that? Now we can (give thought, that is), and its all thanks to the LegoBricks Building Mug. Time to let those imaginations run wild while enjoying the international breakfast of champions.

Retro Handheld Game Console

It’s portable, it’s a nostalgic trip down memory lane, and it comes loaded with all your favourite 8-bit games. So, when you signup to play, you’re in for fun!

The retro portable game console is available in a variety of colours and promises to keep you busy for hours on end playing all those games that first made you fall in love with one of your favourite pastimes.

The Music Cube Puzzle

Puzzles and boardgames are fun passers of the time and keepers of the busy. There’s a gadgetry puzzle that combines the best of both worlds – and it’s also electronic! The Electronic Music Cube Puzzle lets you play memory and music games until your brain simply bombs out from all the boredom-knocking fun.

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