December 4, 2023

Dogs Are Our Best Friends – This Tech Helps Us Show Love

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Top Tech For Dog Lovers

The physical, psychological, and emotional benefits of dog ownership are well-known among medical and mental health professionals. Enjoying a close bond with a domestic animal – especially a dog – has been shown to boost all those biochemicals responsible for making us feel good. In short, we’re happier humans when sharing life with a pet than when the opposite is true.

Considering all of the above, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that dog owners are typically keen to return the favour by providing their best friends with only the best in care, grub, gear and attire. And since tech and gadgets have made our own lives easier in so many ways, it stands to good reason that our dogs too, should benefit from the pretty amazing pieces of tech to have recently hit the market.

These are some of our favourites.  For good boys and girls the world over.

The Good Camera

The Petcube Bites 2 has some pretty amazing features. By connecting to a “companion” app on your smartphone, it allows you topeak at your pup through a 1080p camera, in HD no less. It has a 160° viewing angle, zoom for taking a closer look, and even night vision. And our favourite feature – it comes standard with a remote treating option for flinging treats at your pup from across the room (it’s wall-mounted) via a special kibble dispenser. The dispenser can even be set to Autoplay-mode for keeping pets occupied when you’re otherwise engaged.

Petcube Bites 2 also has a microphone and a speaker bar that lets you and your pup remain connected all throughout the day. It’s the ultimate monitoring, two-way hearing and speaking, smart alert system we’ve encountered to date. It’s great and available from Amazon. And so is everything else on this list.

The Good Treat

Looking for the perfect yummy, healthy treat to toss at your good boy or girl with the help of your new good camera? Look no further than JustFoodForDogs’ three-ingredients-only beef liver treats. Made using only pure beef liver, potato starch and aniseed, these special treats are practically without odour and breakable into smaller chunk-sized pieces. And they taste great (apparently!).

The Good Travel Bag

Doggos travelling on the Underground, the Subway, or even in-cabin via many major airlines all need to travel in a bag at some stage of the trip. Enter the Roverlund Pet Carrier, our top choice of good travel bag for good boys and girls. It’s lightweight, has a padded bottom for maximum comfort, and it’s really good looking too, so you can join us today on any adventure.

Awesome also is that it comes in two separate sizes: Small (for pups up to 6 pounds/about half a stone), and Large (for pups weighing anything up to 25 pounds/almost 2 stone).

It has a zip-top and also a zippable opening for easy “nudging” on one of its two sides. On the opposite side of the bag to the zippable opening for entry, it has a roomy pocket for all your doggie gear and stuff. Its mesh design on three sides makes for amazing airflow and the mountain climbing rope used for the carry-handle and shoulder strap makes of it something of a trendy and off-beat fashion accessory. A special trick is that the shoulder strap doubles up as a nifty leash.

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