December 4, 2023

Jogging – The Ultimate Health Solution

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Browsing around social media these days can be nothing sort of an information overload. Those looking for health and fitness advice, for example, will quickly be drowned in a never-ending tsunami of conflicting advice from countless different sources.

The truth is that simply taking up jogging, or walking, is an excellent choice of exercise for just about everyone. How you go about it, and how much energy you invest in it, really is just a matter of personal preference.

More to the point; jogging can handle most, if not all exercise needs, without the advice of a single ‘guru’ required.

How Do I Jog?

With the massive amount of conflicting advice out there, the average person may be fooled into asking questions as silly as; but how do I jog? Which is the right type of jogging for me?

The simple answer to most questions of this nature is as follows; exercising is about moving the body, getting the blood flowing, and breaking a sweat. How an individual goes about doing that is, and what skills they use, ultimately, up to them. If walking around the block works, then it is sufficient exercise. Getting caught up on ‘how’ one is supposed to exercise is overcomplicating a very simple equation.

For those that wish to invest more in their jogging keeping track of times, and attempting to beat those times, is a good approach. Trying to beat someone else’s times is the wrong approach, as we all tend to have different levels of fitness.

How Long Should I Jog?

It isn’t at all necessary to jog for hours, if your goal is simply to keep active and stay fit. Setting a comfortable distance, and covering that distance is fine. How long it takes you to achieve the distance is a personal goal. If you set out for a jog after work, and are back in time to play online for an hour or two before bed, that is fine.

Sticking to an exercise schedule is far more important than judging yourself for not running as far as others.

Necessary Equipment

When jogging, the number one concern should be comfort. Since the activity involves a lot of repetitive body motion, ensuring that you remain comfortable is essential.

Comfortable running shoes and comfortable clothing are a necessity. Decent shoes are especially important, given that blisters can be nothing short of a nightmare. Baggy clothing is also highly recommended, and sweat proof fabrics are a good idea.

For those that want to keep track of their times and distance, there is a wide range of electronic gadgets specifically designed with the purpose in mind. Virtually any smartphone can be equipped with numerous helpful apps, most of which are available for free.

Enjoy It

Most importantly, jogging is supposed to be enjoyable, and will be enjoyable, when you focus on simply appreciating the experience. It is not required that you run until you are gagging. Instead, alternate between running and fast walking, while focusing on breathing, and perhaps listening to music.

With this approach, simple jogging is the right exercise for almost everyone.

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