December 4, 2023

Playing Online Craps

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Do you know how to roll a pair of dice at the same time in hopes of getting a certain total with them? Good! Then you also know how to play the legendary dice game Craps, which is a classic best south african online casino game that you have probably seen in every Hollywood movie where Las Vegas has been shown, as many people usually call “casino Mecca”. In its real format inside physical casinos, it’s really exciting and noisy because the players and spectators scream when chips and dice fly around on the seemingly at first awkward green table with all its numbers and texts here and there. But once you have a clue about Craps game rules it will be any casino game: easy as pie!

Craps rules

Now we go through the rules of Craps so that you can start indulging in the game of gambling today instead of sitting and scratching your head. First of all there are different variants of the game at here real money pokies australia that can vary in how much you have to bet how little you can bet, the odds and more. Keep this in mind when choosing between the different game variants available so that you can choose the one that best matches your preferences. Then at least two players are required to play Craps: depending on what one player throws for dice combination (which can be a maximum of 12 because they have the numbers 1-6 on both dice and 6 + 6 = 12), the other player can affect his chances of winning once he rolls his dice. Before even a game of Craps can be started, a player must roll the sum 7 with the two dice. Then another player may place a bet on “Pass line bet / Pass” or “No pass bet / Don’t Pass” which is sometimes also called Win and Don’tWin or Right / Right respectively Wrong. As you can see it’s still about just two different outcomes that you bet that your dice will give you. The person who rolls the dice is called a shooter.

This is what it looks like depending on whether you bet “Pass” or “Do not pass” based on which number combinations you got with the dice:

  • If you roll 7 or 11 with your dice and you bet “Pass” you win and the person who bet “No pass” loses.
  • If you roll 7 or 11 with your dice and you bet on “No pass”, you lose (and are called “no pass”) and the person who bet “Pass” wins.
  • If you roll 2, 3, or 12, the outcome is called Craps or “Crapping out” which means that the player who bet on “Not pass” wins while the “Pass” player loses.
  • If you roll 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, you have activated the second game phase called “Point” or “Place”. Then you have to hit the same amount again with your two dice to win your bet or until you hit the sum 7 and you lose your bet then. Note that you roll your dice now until you either get the same amount again or the amount 7 before the game ends. When you enter the “Point” / “Place” phase, you may not change your bet made on the “Pass line bet”.

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