December 4, 2023

Biggest Fashion Disasters In History

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When it comes to fashion, trying to predict what the next big thing will be is nothing short of impossible. Designers often try, and mostly fail, to kick-start the next fashion trend. It is all part of the industry, and most take it in their stride with good humour.

Sometimes, however, a designer tries to go so completely beyond the norm in an attempt to get ahead of the curve that the results are hilarious. Make no mistake, brave attempts of this sort can occasionally be as dazzling as a beautiful gem, but, more often than not are a nightmare.

Take a look at some of the fashion designs that were truly the things of horror.

Return Of Ripped Jeans

The 80s and 90s saw their fair share of ripped jeans. The idea was that the wearer was so cool, so completely outside of society, that even their clothes didn’t have to be intact. Back in the day, however, the jeans were stylishly ripped by the knee, or on the thigh, and although a little silly, it kind of worked.

But now ripped jeans have made a return, and of course, some or other designer had to take it a ridiculous extreme. Singer Jessie J first wore ripped jeans of the standard type, having only a few thread laced tears in the usual fashion. But, upon appearing on stage with jeans so shredded she may as well not have been wearing anything, the world collectively sighed.

Too far, Jessie.

Suits And Bras

The Spice Girls went through an era of insane popularity, and virtually everything they wore was an instant trend at online entertainment sites around the world. Thank goodness that their era of suits worn with only bras beneath didn’t catch on. Tacky, and more than a little groan inducing, it wasn’t the best time for these highly influential pop stars.

High Waist Jeans

Now commonly referred to as ‘mom jeans,’ high waist jeans were a blight on 80s fashion. They stuck around for some time, and can still be seen cropping up from time to time, but will almost always be getting a snigger or two.

Interestingly enough, the original idea was that it apparently made shorter folks appear a bit taller. Where that particular idea was born is anyone’s guess, but needless to say it wasn’t true.

The Mullet

How glorious was the 80s mullet, you’re asking? The fact that virtually every action hero and Rockstar had one should be answer enough. Only, looking back at the mullet today is a laugh inducing prospect. It died out, mostly, and for very good reason.

Shoulder Pads

Last is the infamous shoulder pads plague, also in the 80s. In real terms, shoulder pads were meant to give women a visage of strength, ushering in a new era of girl power. This is easy enough to understand, and very respectable.

However, shoulder pads were certainly not attractive, and most breathed a sigh of relief as they were quickly lost to far better fashion choices.

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