July 12, 2024

Home Decoration For Weddings

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Home decor can make a big impact on your wedding. Greet guests with a fun display that shows off your theme.

String and fairy lights are popular for their romantic, fairytale-like effect on venues. Choose a variety of shapes and sizes for a mix-and-match look.

Use bold pops of color on dishware, fabrics, and tables for decor that can be repurposed for your home after your wedding.


Kites are a fun home decoration idea for weddings. They’re perfect for adding a touch of magic to your big day and can be tailored to fit your wedding theme. For example, you could use paper or fabric-based kites in the shape of flowers for a romantic setting. You could even choose a kite with tassels or hollow reeds to create a wind-powered instrument that produces sound.

Giant letters are another popular choice for couples tying the knot. Companies like Light Up Love offer pre-made signs with snappy slogans, or you can go for a more personal option by choosing your initials instead!

Another wedding decor idea is to create a photo wall. This will be a great way to keep your guests entertained, and it’ll also be a lovely keepsake for you and your new spouse. You can even incorporate a few of your photos into this display, which will be a fun way to show off your relationship over the years.

Photo Booth

A photo booth is a great way to let your wedding guests show off their personalities. It’s also a great way to keep guests entertained and engaged throughout the night. There are many different ways to set up a photo booth, but one of the most important things is to make sure that it fits in with the overall theme of your wedding.

You can use a backdrop that goes with your wedding theme or a simple blank wall will work just as well. You can add a lot of decoration to your photo booth with props and costumes, but it’s also fun to include a chalkboard sign for your friends and family to write on.

Lighting is also important when it comes to decorating a photo booth. Hanging string lights will give everyone a natural glow and can really make the photos look beautiful. You can also add flowers like these silver dollar eucalyptus stems to make the booth feel even more pretty and romantic. A custom neon sign can also be a fantastic addition to your booth and will really help it stand out from the rest of the venue.


Balloons are a fantastic way to add beauty and flair to an event. They are available in a wide range of colours, sizes, and designs – so it’s easy to find one that perfectly matches your vision. Plus, they can be customised with personalised text or images to create a truly unique display.

Whether you’re looking for a gorgeous backdrop or stunning table centrepieces, there’s no better option than balloons. Their versatility means they can be used for weddings, birthday parties, gender reveals, and other special occasions. They also make a great alternative to flowers.

Imagine a beautiful balloon wall that looks like it’s straight out of one of those Instagram museums. Or, go for a more classic look with an arch of balloons at the entrance of your ceremony space. Pair it with a fun welcome sign to make your guests feel right at home on your big day.

Colourful Accents

One of the best ways to turn your home into a’shaadi ka ghar’ is through flowers. They’re easy to come by and are a beautiful addition to any home wedding decor. Try using unique floral arrangements to add a pop of colour. Alternatively, you can also hang colourful paper fans and pinwheels to give your wedding decor a colourful aesthetic.

A few strategically placed pieces of decor can add major oomph to your event without breaking the bank. Consider focusing on a few larger elements that will make a big impact, like unique table linens or a floral arch at your venue entrance, and save money by choosing smaller items that can easily be made or bought.

Create a unique backdrop for your wedding photobooth with an array of flower strings, or use them to embellish the table for your reception dinner. They’re easy to make and will leave guests with a lovely keepsake from your day. A custom neon sign can also add a fun touch to your modern wedding decor, displaying a special message or even the happy couple’s names.

Decorative Items

You don’t have to have a grand cathedral or a massive ballroom to wow your guests with gorgeous home wedding decor. In fact, a few simple items can transform your venue and create an intimate and warm atmosphere for the big day.

Some of the most popular decorations include giant letters and lighted spheres. These are perfect for creating an elegant focal point and look stunning adorned with ribbons, flowers or even twinkling fairy lights. You can also personalize these with names or short messages to give them that extra special touch for your wedding day.

Other great DIY options for your home wedding decor include a chalkboard sign to display your table plan and an array of jars filled with tea lights for a charming rustic ambiance. These jars can be decorated with flower petals, a photo of you and your partner or simply have the table number written on them.

If you’re aiming for an earthy and natural home wedding, try draping eucalyptus leaves or genda flowers around your venues. These are quick and easy to make and look stunning when hung along aisles, in mandaps or on backdrops.

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